WOSB – Woman Owned Small Business or 8(m) Program


WOSB - Woman Owned Small Business or 8(m) Program

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Congress has mandated since 2000 a budgetary goal of 5% of all government prime-contracting dollars to women owned small business (approximately $15-20 Billion Dollars). In addition, in February 2011 the SBA determined there are 83 (4 digit) NAICS Codes where women are significantly underrepresented.

To aid women in making inroads into these industries the SBA has allowed for set-aside contracts to be issued in these NAICS Codes. The NAICS Codes with the least number of women owned firms require the WOSB certification for the firm to be awarded set-aside contracts. The NAICS Codes where some women owned firms existed but were still underrepresented require the EDWOSB or Economically Disadvantaged Woman Owned Small Business. A firm holding an EDWOSB certification can bid both WOSB and EDWOSB set-aside contracts where a firm holding a WOSB certification can only bid on WOSB set-aside contracts.


Our WOSB Registration includes filing and organizing of the following documentation to the WOSB Program Repository:

  • Submission of Identity Verification
  • Personal
  • Corporate
  • Completion of Joint Venture application, if applicable
  • Completion of Organization, Corporation or Partnership Agreement
  • Organization includes – certification of organization, amendments and operating agreement
  • Corporation includes – Articles, by-laws, any/all issued stock certificates (front and back copies), and any amendments; As well as an Operating agreement
  • Partnership includes – any agreements and amendments
  • Completed Documentation of the WOSB Certification
  • Verification of DBA (doing business as), if applicable.
  • WOSB Verification Filing – WOSBs Completion

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