Administrative Assistant

Lina Marrero is also our company’s ‘Director of First Impressions’ at our Coconut Grove headquarters.

Born in La Habana, Cuba, Lina was originally trained to work in clinical pathology. She left Cuba during the Mariel boatlift as a political exile and has resided in the USA since 1980, the Nation that she now calls home.
Lina blends a passion for fine arts, fashion, and haute couture, leveraging her unique previous experiences with companies such as Neiman Marcus and other upscale firms, and boutiques.

At Rafael Marrero & Company Lina keeps a watchful eye on our company’s brand identity, coordinates our Special Events participation, selects team apparel, marketing premiums, and ensures a First Class experience for the firm’s elite customers, particularly in the retail, hospitality and Real Estate segments.

Photo Credit: Gort Productions, Miami FL. Copyright 2015 by Rafael Marrero.