Director – Business-to-Government (B2G) Solutions


Mr. Jonathan Serrano, has more than ten years of experience in business, operations, and project management in the private and public sector. Most recently Serrano served in the public education sector as an Operations and Financial Consultant within the Chicago Public School District 299.  In this role Serrano, has trained and consulted school administrators, business and operations managers on cash management, grants management and technology implementation and refresh. As part of his direct oversight, Serrano has ensured compliance with local, state and federal grants totaling more than $30 million a year. Serrano has also ensured satisfactory ratings on internal audits for all of his clients in relation to cash management. Serrano has ensured the success of his clients by conducting training that is relevant to the client’s needs and creating processes that ensure the client is working most effectively within their unique situation while at the same time complying with all local, state and federal policies. Mr. Serrano is a Patriot, and proud U.S. Military decorated veteran, having honorably served as a U.S. Army paratrooper.

Photo Credit: Gort Productions, Miami FL. Copyright 2015 by Rafael Marrero.