Federal Sales Training

Federal Sales Marketing Training

Federal Sales Training presented by Rafael Marrero & Company is hosted by our CEO Rafael Marrero. It is recommended that this course be attended by the key strategist or strategists of your government sales force and can be staged from anywhere in the world. This course consists of three sessions lasting two to three hours each and will be scheduled with your convenience in mind. The curriculum is designed to help you learn how to develop and execute a Federal Government sales strategy intuitively, with excellence.

In session one, you are immediately submersed into the world of Federal procurement by reviewing the departments and independent agencies of the Executive Branch. We describe the environment in which products and services are procured, define the contracting vehicles that are widely used by Federal contracting officers, outline how State and Federal certifications support a Federal agency’s internal set-aside objectives, how to make contacts, and how to position yourself as a leader in your field. In session two, we take you through the process of developing a substantial and concise capabilities statement. Also in session two, you will learn how to utilize multiple government data sources to develop your pricing strategy, uncover what agencies are buying products and/or services like yours, and who the primary competitors are in your space. In the final session, Rafael will present an action plan for your business to execute immediately. Your customized plan will reiterate and organize your current resources while also identifying new, agency specific resources that are relevant to your firm’s endeavors.