New South Florida MBE Experiences Substantial Growth and Customer Expansion in 2014 After Joining SFMSDC and Securing MBE Credential

New South Florida MBE Experiences Substantial Growth and Customer Expansion in 2014 After Joining SFMSDC and Securing MBE Credential

The year 2014 was one marked by growth and very a strong Q3 and Q4 performance for SFMSDC Minority Business Enterprise (MBE) affiliate Rafael Marrero & Company.

This Coconut Grove based, minority owned and operated management consulting firm is a Project and Vendor Management Consultancy specializing in solutions that enable its clients to drive cost savings, mitigate risk, and institute repeatable winning processes. Rafael Marrero & Company empowers its clients, combining the unique qualities of their organization with proven Best Practices to take them to the next level.

Joining SFMDC and Obtaining MBE Certification: “A Game Changer”

“Joining the SFMSDC regional affiliate, and attending the NMSDC Expo in Orlando, FL has been a game changer for us as a minority-owned firm” said President and CEO Rafael Marrero, whose customer base has quadrupled in 2014 since becoming MBE certified. “Within just two weeks of joining the SFMSDC, and after applying the lessons learned from the Business Expo in November I signed up my second major customer.”

“The lessons from the workshops and sessions at the Business Expo were fundamental in opening my eyes to the opportunities that exist for us as minority business owners. Working closely with the SFMSDC team and obtaining the credential was the foundation for this successful launch. Then, learning how to effectively market our products and services to our prospective customers, coupled with hard work, and the mentoring from the Regional Council and networking with my peers will ultimately produce great results for our firm and its customers” commented Founder Rafael Marrero.

Mr. Marrero is a Stanford and Cornell University trained senior corporate executive with 30 years combined and diversified experience in telecommunications, construction, government services, information technology, professional services, renewable energy, and high-tech environments.

After a distinguished ten-year career as a Corporate Executive with a prestigious MBE and the largest Hispanic Owned business in the U.S., Mr. Marrero has launched his own exclusive management consultancy, serving the telecommunications, energy, engineering, and government contracting sectors. Prior to launching his project and vendor management consultancy, Mr. Marrero served as Vice President of Corporate Vendor Management, Contracts, Supply Chain and Procurement for South Florida based MasTec Inc. (NYSE:MTZ), a $4.7BB firm with 16,000 employees and more than 400 physical operational locations across the U.S. His previous roles within the MasTec family of companies include: AVP and Chief of Staff for MasTec's telecom group of companies, reporting directly to both the Group President and the Corporate COO; Government Solutions Director, and as former corporate Vice President of Business Technology and Deputy CIO for its parent holding company, reporting to the former corporate Chief Financial Officer.

2015: Expansion of Managed Services Offerings to Support Diversity and Inclusion

The firm has announced it will be expanding its managed services offerings in 2015 to help customers take their programs to the next level. Founder Rafael Marrero added: “As the trusted Supply Chain, Sourcing and Diversity and Inclusion advisor to our customers, we’ll guide them through the lifecycle of their Supplier Diversity Program using experience we’ve gained working with hundreds of suppliers and vendors nationwide, including many Fortune Companies.”

The firm’s managed services are designed to support Supplier Diversity Programs and Initiatives that are at any stage, from those that are just getting started, to the most advanced programs.

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